Big Boss Rapid Wave Halogen Oven

The Big Boss Rapid Wave Halogen Oven is an innovative cooking system that fully roasts, broils, or bakes food up to three times faster than conventional ovens. This energy-efficient halogen oven harnesses halogen heat, convection, and infrared technologies to leave foods moist on the inside and crisp on the outside–without using cooking fats or oils.

The Rapid Wave Oven features simple controls, a see-through cooking bowl, removable trays, and a tightly sealing lid that locks in heat and moisture.

Big Boss Rapid Wave Halogen Oven Features:

  • Triple cooking power: halogen, convection and infrared heat.
  • Roasts, broils, bakes, air fries, grills, boils and steams.
  • Dishwasher safe parts.
  • Cooks and fries without added oil.
  • Low fat cooking with ease.
  • Available in both 12.5 and 17.5 quart sizes.

Big Boss Rapid Wave Halogen OvenYou will find that you can make almost any dish in this halogen oven. You can cook everything from bratwurst sausages to a full turkey.

The setup for these ovens is very easy.  You just have to take it out of the box when you get it, plug it in, set the amount of heat you want to use and the timer.

After that, sit back and let it cook your dinner.

You will end up using this kitchen applicance every day to make quick meals. With its faster cooking time and easy clean up, you will wonder how you did without it.

One meal you can cook as a way to test the oven is to put some chicken breasts and potato wedges in the oven.

I find that I can roast the potatoes on the bottom rack and have the chicken on the top rack. This makes for a quick and easy to prepare dinner.

One of my favorite dishes to cook is a frozen pizza.  It takes no time at all and tastes great!

The Big Boss Rapid Wave Halogen Oven received mostly positive comments from people who had purchased and used it. You can find out what they had to say here.

Big Boss Rapid Wave Halogen Oven Order Link: Big Boss Halogen Oven

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