Oyama Turbo Oven Accessory Package Review

Oyama Turbo Oven Accessory Package Review

This is a wonderful accessory package that will allow you to do even more with your halogen oven. You will be able to make Bundt cakes, and use the extender ring for cooking large chickens and turkeys.

Oyama Turbo Oven Accessory Package Features:

Oyama Turbo Oven Accessory Package Description:

The accessory package will give you an opportunity to try more recipes. You can use the halogen oven for air frying, baking, and roasting. If you don’t usually bake because you don’t want to use your large oven, try baking a Bundt cake in the halogen oven. Or perhaps you like fries but don’t like the crease. Now you can air fry using the stainless steel wire mesh tray. As well you can steam fish or vegetables using the steamer tray.

What we Liked Most about the Oyama Turbo Oven Accessory Package

We like that this accessory package makes the halogen oven even more flexible for cooking for the family. We also like that it will fit a number of other halogen ovens such as the Big Boss Halogen Oven and the Hometech Halogen Oven.

What we Did Not Like about the Oyama Turbo Oven Accessory Package

Although this is a versatile accessory package we felt the extender ring was a little bit lightweight. Some people found that it will stick to the lid of the halogen oven. It also comes with another lid holder which you probably received when you bought your halogen oven. So that piece is kind of unnecessary.

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More about the Oyama Turbo Oven Accessory Package

The accessory package is well priced and adaptable to a number of other halogen ovens.

This package makes it possible to do all kinds of cooking in the halogen oven from baking a cake to air frying.

Use the roasting pan as a drip pan so clean up is easier.

Use the extender ring for large roasts, chickens, and turkeys.

Air fry foods such as French fries and you can also roast nuts and vegetables.

The steel wire mesh tray is the perfect addition for anyone wanting to steam vegetables or fish.

If you like to make Chinese dumplings or perogies you can use the steel wire mesh tray; just add a little water in the bottom of the bowl.

Whip up a delicious Bundt cake in no time at all!

Making Cupcakes in a Halogen Oven Video:

Look at all The Great Halogen Ovens!

Oyama Turbo Oven Accessory Package

Unleash your inner chef with this deluxe Turbo Oven accessory pack. This package comes with all the necessary parts to get the most out of your turbo oven. The accessories may be used in any oven that can accommodate them. If you own a turbo oven, this accessory pack will increase the varieties of meals you can cook. . The extender ring will fit the Oyama Turbo Oven and other turbo ovens of similar size and design. The extender ring is not universal and thus, will not fit all turbo ovens. DOES NOT FIT ALL BRANDS OF OVENS! PLEASE CONTACT SELLER TO INQUIRE BEFORE BUYING FOR TURBO OVENS OTHER THAN OYAMA!
List Price: $41.60 USD
New From: $41.60 USD In Stock

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