Secura Turbo Countertop Oven

Secura Turbo Countertop Oven uses infrared heating and convection fan to cook food fast and evenly. No need to thaw frozen meat, no need to add oil, saves energy than traditional oven and cooks healthy food in half the time. The oven can broil, roast, bake, grill, barbecue, fry, steam. 

Secura Turbo Countertop Oven Features

  • Convection cooking with halogen heating cooks food fast and delicious.
  • Low fat cooking: allows the user to cook without excess fat or oil.
  • Secura Turbo Oven includes self cleaning, and dishwasher-safe heat resistant glass bowl.
  • Package Includes Standard Stainless Steel Accessories: Tong, Dual Rack, Low Rack, Extension Ring.

Secura Turbo Countertop Oven Description

Manual dial switches include power, timer and indicator lights. It is easy to operate: Just select and set both time and temperature. Close to microwave speed with oven quality. Thaws out frozen foods in minutes. Self cleaning. Seals your foods natural juices. Cooks an entire meal at one time without blending of flavors. Low fat cooking allows you to cook without excess fat or oil.

What we Liked Most about the Secura Turbo Countertop Oven

We like that the bowl is made of glass and not plastic. Although the bowl is extremely heavy it is very easy to clean. We find that food doesn’t stick very much on racks and not on the bowl at all. In fact it is easy to put in the sink, fill with hot soapy water to wash, rinse and wipe dry.

What we Did Not Like about the Secura Turbo Countertop Oven

There is really nothing to complain about when it comes to the Secura oven other than the fact that some people find the glass bowl a little heavy.

Secura Turbo Countertop Oven Order Link: Secura Halogen Oven

More about the Secura Turbo Countertop Oven

Turbo Countertop OvenThis is wonderful product for the home cook.

It is so easy to cook steak or chicken breasts in this oven.

If you are an athlete and need to keep your protein intake high, you will love this oven.

You will be able to cook a steak or chicken breast in about 20 minutes or less, and the meat stays juicy.

Using this countertop oven is way better than baking or frying your meat.

The lid holder/shelf comes in handy when you need to turn the meat over. That way it doesn’t damage your counter tops.

This oven cooks an entire meal at one time without blending of flavors and you don’t need to add in fat.

Cooking with a Halogen Oven Video:

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